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Wedding Rental Services

Turn Your Wedding Dreams into Reality with Decor Destination:

Your Premier Wedding Decor Rental Services

Decor Destination understands that wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and we are here to make it the most cherished moment of your life. Decor Destination, your trusted wedding decor rental services, is meant to transform your big day into a piece of art, reflecting your unique style and vision. From elegant centerpieces to stunning floral arrangement, our extensive selection of wedding decor rental will create the perfect ambiance for your wedding celebration.

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Our Exclusive Range Of Wedding Rentals Include

Decoration theme

Decor Destination’s wedding decor rental provides a wide range of themed decor to fit your style. So, whether your goal is a lavish Hollywood-inspired celebration, a rustic barn wedding, or a romantic garden gathering, we have got you covered.


We have gorgeous centrepieces for rental to enhance the elegance and charm of your wedding venue.

Backdrop and Drapery

With our beautiful backdrops and draperies, which can be customized to match your selected theme, you may create an fascinating backdrop for your ceremony or table.

Table Linens and Chair Covers

We provide a variety of choices to improve the visual appeal of your reception area as we have beautiful, high-quality table linens, along with stylish chair covers.


Use our fine silverware rentals to set the table in elegance. Our collections of silverware, which ranges from sleek and contemporary to elaborate and historic, will elevate your dining experience.

Doli for the Bride, Horse for the Groom

At Decor Destination, we honour every tradition and custom. On your wedding day, turn heads with our classic Doli for the bride and Horse for the groom. The visuals will give a unique touch to your overall wedding.

Decor Props and Furniture

Use our large selection of furniture rentals and props to elevate your wedding's aesthetic. From modern decor touches to furniture pieces with a vintage vibe, we have everything you need to create a welcoming and pleasing environment for your precious guests.

Photo Booths

With our interactive photo booth rentals, you can capture your precious moments.Featuring beautiful accessories and easily interchangeable backgrounds, our photo booths are excellent means of attracting guests and making memories of your memorable event.

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wedding events rental services
wedding destination
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wedding rental services

Our Wedding Rental Services

Lighting setup

Create a magnificent scene that will wow your visitors by setting the tone and ambiance with our expert lighting options, which include fairy lights, up lighting, and chandeliers.

Hassle free setup

Decor Destinations offers pre-designed decor for you and your loved ones that is easy to set up and take down in a matter of minutes. Our simplified procedure frees you from worrying about the details of setting up the decor so you can concentrate on enjoying every second of your wedding day.

Logistics made easy

Save time and money with Decor Destination by renting decor instead of buying it.Opting for event rentals solution is far more affordable than buying, as it reduces the labor cost of moving decor items between venues; you don’t have to make huge investment in purchasing things just for one day. Our team of experts takes care of every detail from delivering to setup and removing all the decor, allowing you to be fully present during your wedding festivities.

Customized approach

We understand that every wedding decor should be unique as every couple has different taste and preferences. Hence, we provide a personalized approach to every client that fits your vision. From choosing color scheme to implementing minute details, our team of expert decorators work closely with you to bring your dream wedding decor to life, ensuring a personalized touch that sets your celebration apart.

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wedding palnner
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rental and decoration services in India

Take Advantage Of Decor Destination Wedding Rental Services – A Truly Smart Concept

Decor Destination is your one stop destination for your wedding event rentals solutions. With our hassle free easy to instal setup and established procedure, we offer decor rental collection that can turn your wedding dream into a reality without making significant investment. Connect with our team.


Is customization possible for Decor Destination wedding rentals?

Decor Destinations prioritizes personalization. To make your big day unique, we make sure the wedding decor rental is tailored to your personal taste, preferences, and wedding theme.

Do Decor Destination provide setup and installation services?

Yes, for your convenience, we provide full delivery and setup services. You can concentrate on enjoying your special day because our committed crew will make sure that all decor items are brought to your site and set up to your specifications.

When should I make my decor rental reservation?

In order to guarantee our wedding rentals availability for your wedding day and to secure your decor rental, we advise making your reservation as soon as possible. Make sure to reserve your decor well in advance and contact us to discuss your demands.

rental and decoration services in India

Cut the cake and celebrate this birthday in style with Décor Destination

Book wedding rentals online in India today!

rental and decoration services in India

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Décor Destinations is a leading and reputed event management agency in Udaipur. We are the best event planners in India as we have an impressive expertise in planning and organising exclusive events.

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