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Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning Intimate Destination Wedding
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Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning Intimate Destination Wedding

Does the thought of hosting a wedding at a dreamy venue surrounded by shimmering lakes, rich flora, and exotic fauna transport you to a la la land? Do you desire a grand couple entry in a majestic and mesmerising destination where the architecture eludes royalty? While taking pheras, do you want the gushing winds to sing along a sweet melody on love? If you answer yes, my dear friend, you need to plan your destination wedding in Udaipur - The land where Maharaja's and Maharani's historic legends continue, uniting the lovers in a tapestry of romance. 

Nestled in the heart of Rajasthan, the city of lakes boasts havelis and palaces that await your presence to add a unique charm to your wedding! The marvellous forts and serene lakes depict tales of a bygone era that will sway you off your feet and enhance your celebrations for the wedding. Additionally, the allure of sprawling courtyards and the beautiful splendour of every corner of Udaipur offer a picturesque backdrop to your wedding festivities. If exchanging vows amidst the interiors of a century-old palace is not what you want, don't worry. In Udaipur, you can also host a wedding beneath the starlit sky of another exquisite fortress. 

No matter where you host the wedding, indoor, outdoor or beside the lake, irrespective of the location, Udaipur will offer an unparalleled charm that echoes whimsical and rich cultural heritage, unlike any other destination in India. 

Are you under the impression that Udaipur is all about romantic folklore of palaces and forts? No, the classic beauty and appeal go beyond that, and there are various other reasons to host your destination wedding in Udaipur.

Let's find out:

1.Luxurious Wedding Venues in Udaipur: While the palaces represent the best wedding venues in Udaipur, if you want, you can conduct a wedding in the elegant hotels of Udaipur as well. The hotels and resorts offer world-class amenities and unmatched services that will allow you and your guests to enjoy the wedding comfortably.

2.Culinary Delights: Rajasthan is known for its delectable and flavourful cuisines. If you host your weddings in Udaipur, your guests will be in for a treat as they can relish and devour the local Rajasthani dishes. 

3.Warm Hospitality: Whether you stage your wedding in a palace, hotel or any luxe wedding venue in Udaipur, you will not be disappointed with the hospitality services. The locals of Rajasthan are always enthusiastic to welcome guests and serve them. Thus, you will receive a generous and cordial welcome always.

4.Exclusive Experiences: Besides visiting historic spots, you and your guests can indulge in various experiences such as elephant or boat rides, camel safaris or wildlife safaris. They can also visit the local shops and buy the unique handicrafts. 

5.Cultural Wealth: Apart from spectacular views and landscapes, Udaipur holds a rich culture. The colourful cultural heritage of Udaipur's traditional ceremonies, rituals, music and dance can enrich your wedding.

If you are convinced of Udaipur as your destination wedding location, let us guide you on how the expert wedding planners at Decor Destinations can assist you:

1.Venue Selection and Decor: Whether you select the Oberoi Udaivillas or the Taj Lake Palace as your wedding venue in Udaipur, our team will ensure that your likes and preferences are considered. Also, the decor and aesthetics will be according to the theme you finalise

2.Logistics and Vendor Arrangement: Our team will arrange and coordinate with the vendors, such as florists, caterers, photographers and artists, to ensure all the functions run smoothly. 

3.Guest Management: Under guest management, our expert team will manage the guest lists, confirm RSVPs, provide airport pick-ups, assist in hotel check-in and also arrange for local transport for excursions in Udaipur. 

4.Budget Planning: While selecting the venue, finalising wedding decor and hiring vendors, we guarantee to move ahead with a reasonable budget that suits you.

5.Miscellaneous: Team Decor Destination will offer additional support and assistance on the day of the wedding functions for any work or emergency so you can enjoy your memorable day without any stress!

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